Google Adsense adalah MEDIA Pengiklan Terbaik
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Danger alert WiFi in Public Areas

Okezone - Until now, Wi-Fi internet access is used by more than 700 million people, with more than 4 million points of hotspots around the world. While WiFi routers manufactured each year by 800 million units.

Based on the findings of a research project that was launched globally by Brand Tracker Online Security, presented by InSites Consulting (April-May 2011), and analysis of United Consultants, nearly half the world's Internet users connect to the Internet most often by using a portable device, the notebook into a device The most popular (41%), followed netbooks (3%), smartphones (2%) and tablet computers (1%).

An important note of the rapid increase in both the technology and its users that there is a direct correlation with the level of security.

Associated with some advice WiFi security, ESET Smart Security 5 would be the latest version of ESET Antivirus provides the features that will be useful to secure data connection and the user when performing a WiFi connection.

one of them is the warning given to alert the user whenever the user is connected to WiFi in public places, and then provide protection. Antivirus products that once a new generation of products ESET categorize WiFi connection at the maximum security level.

"What is not known to WiFi is a security risk of data especially related to data traffic that occur when starting Access. Login credentials and the traffic that occurs within the network-sniffing going to happen even before an e-mail sent over a Wi-Fi hotspots, so it is generally the mode of data theft in the network, without being detected, "said Camp, as reported through the official statement on Saturday (06/08/2011).

One thing that really look out for is when there is a hotspot network with an unknown name or a name similar to the official network.

"Problems can occur from the technology proxy, which is able mengintercept WiFi communication, capture, copy and store copies of data on computer players who are in the local network and then sends it via a Wi-Fi the truth. Symptoms can be felt from the scam email traffic slowing your data. But because busy network traffic by all users on the network, it will be suliit to know that the traffic data we hijacked by fraud perpetrators, "he said.


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