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Nokia X6 16GB Specification and Price

Specification and Price of Nokia X6 16GB

Price : Rp. 1.888.000

XSeries, may be segmentation in multimedia, especially music. And this will be tried and proved by the X6, because it is visible from a row of a complete multimedia support features and sophisticated.

When trying music player, a slick display with ID3 tag sorting is complete we will make it easier when using it. Stereo speakers located on either side of the phone also sound good and tight. And the default headset also includes a balanced sound quality.

Still less? Replace your default headset with a better one that is widely available on the market. Suppose the Sennheiser brand. Almost everything is compatible as long as jack 3.5mm, standard musical device.

Nokia X6 16GB

Music player
And one that can also be seeded in the X6 is the ability of the video player. Although not support DivX or XviD files, but the performance is pretty good. With a widescreen format screen and high resolution, video can be displayed quite smooth with sharp clarity.

And another thing, the camera is one of the key features of the X6. His ability to say above average. With a resolution of 5 megapixels, the X6 is also equipped with Carl Zeiss optics and Tessar lens. Autofocus and dual LED flash is also ready to accompany your snap-action jeprat. The result, quite satisfactory. Outdoor photos appear with a balanced tone and realistic color, while the indoor photo also looks good although sometimes it was attended by some noise.

Video recorder itself is also relatively good. Her presence was able to create a video size of 640 × 480 pixels (VGA) with up to 30fps framerate. And the results are above average and there is nothing strange here.

And when talking about the camera, the X6 also features a secondary camera. Its main function is to video call. But can be used also to take pictures and record video.Although the resolution and lower power.


Mobile music is not always proud of the musical course. X6 comes with a Symbian application that attractive style. Suppose: RealPlayer, FM Radio, Organizer, social-networking service, chat, and more. No exception QuickOffice application to read documents Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. When the default, there are only a viewer X6.And to create new and edit documents, you must buy a license.

X6 remains present in a varied number of games, for example Asphalt4. You can use the accelerometer to play it. Accelerometer in the X6 can also be used and exploited by various developers to create applications, for example Seismograph that you can download on the internet.

For the navigation system, internal GPS presents X6 supported OviMaps 3.0. GPS that you can use to guide your journey. Not to mention features of Assisted-GPS (A-GPS).


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